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Love Beach Phone Card

-Super Cheap Rate for Most Asia Countries
-Clear Connection
-True minutes
-No any hidden fee
Phone Card Details
Call To Local Access Toll Free
China 550min  3.6¢  354min  5.6¢
Belgium 500min   333min 
Uk-mobile 78min  25.6¢  72min  27.8¢
Vietnam 33min  60.6¢  31min  64.5¢
Thailand 110min  18.2¢  99min  20.2¢
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This Card Can Be Called From the Following Countries

* Call From USA *
Access NumbersToll Free Number
1-800-613-7497; 1-800-556-4905;1-800-568-6030
Local Access Number
Local Access Number Order By State
California | Florida | New York |

Local Access Number Order By Area Code
213 | 305 | 310 | 321 | 323 | 415 | 510 | 516 | 561 | 562 | 626 | 631 | 650 | 707 | 714 | 718 | 772 | 786 | 805 | 818 | 831 | 909 | 914 | 949 | 954 |

About the Phone Card
Maintainence Fee:No 
Connection Fee:No 
Rounding:1 minute 
Payphone Charge:$0.69 
Expiration Date:90 days after the first usage 
Dialing Instruction1.Dial Access Number
2.Enter your PIN number
3.To call the North America:
Enter 1 + area code + tele No. To call other country:
Enter 011 + country code + city code + tele number
4. Press # if line busy or make another call
Customer ServiceGuaranteed 100% satisfaction customer service
General NoticeInternational calls to mobile numbers may be charged a higher rate unless it is indicated. All rates are subject to change without notice. This card CANNOT be used in Hawaii and Alaska.
Special NoticeLine will be cut if a call is longer than 2 hours and "1 minute left" will be reported. If so please call again after 30 seconds.
OthersSome schools dormitory phone or office phone are identified as payphone. Usually phone in hotel, motel, inn are identified as payphone.

Phone Card Rate Table

Call FromCall ToLocal Number MinutesLocal Number Rate (per minute)Toll Free MinutesToll Free Rate (per minute)
USAcall Anguilla63 min$0.31759 min$0.339
USAcall Antigua-barbuda57 min$0.35154 min$0.370
USAcall Australia500 min$0.040333 min$0.060
USAcall Australia-mobile65 min$0.30861 min$0.328
USAcall Austria500 min$0.040333 min$0.060
USAcall Bahamas126 min$0.159111 min$0.180
USAcall Barbados-bridge59 min$0.33956 min$0.357
USAcall Belgium500 min$0.040333 min$0.060
USAcall Belgium-mobile52 min$0.38449 min$0.408
USAcall Bermuda126 min$0.159112 min$0.178
USAcall British Virgin Island66 min$0.30362 min$0.322
USAcall Cambodia36 min$0.55534 min$0.588
USAcall Cambodia-mobile36 min$0.55534 min$0.588
USAcall Canada650 min$0.031393 min$0.051
USAcall Cayman Islands83 min$0.24177 min$0.260
USAcall Chile420 min$0.048295 min$0.068
USAcall Chile-mobile55 min$0.36352 min$0.384
USAcall China550 min$0.036354 min$0.056
USAcall China-mobile550 min$0.036354 min$0.056
USAcall Colombia130 min$0.154115 min$0.174
USAcall Colombia-mobile130 min$0.154115 min$0.174
USAcall Dominican Republic127 min$0.157112 min$0.178
USAcall Finland400 min$0.050285 min$0.070
USAcall Finland-mobile55 min$0.36352 min$0.384
USAcall France480 min$0.042324 min$0.062
USAcall France-mobile58 min$0.34554 min$0.370
USAcall Germany550 min$0.036354 min$0.056
USAcall Germany-mobile55 min$0.36352 min$0.384
USAcall Grenada56 min$0.35753 min$0.377
USAcall Hong Kong850 min$0.024459 min$0.044
USAcall Hong Kong-mobile850 min$0.024459 min$0.044
USAcall Indonesia175 min$0.114148 min$0.135
USAcall Indonesia-jakarta280 min$0.071218 min$0.092
USAcall Indonesia-mobile80 min$0.25074 min$0.270
USAcall Italy480 min$0.042324 min$0.062
USAcall Italy-mobile50 min$0.40047 min$0.425
USAcall Jamaica75 min$0.26770 min$0.286
USAcall Jamaica-mobile46 min$0.43544 min$0.454
USAcall Japan400 min$0.050285 min$0.070
USAcall Japan-mobile-military63 min$0.31759 min$0.339
USAcall Korea (South)450 min$0.044310 min$0.064
USAcall Korea (South)-mobile160 min$0.125137 min$0.146
USAcall Korea (South)-seoul450 min$0.044310 min$0.064
USAcall Laos48 min$0.41645 min$0.444
USAcall Macao140 min$0.143122 min$0.164
USAcall Macao-mobile140 min$0.143122 min$0.164
USAcall Malaysia320 min$0.062242 min$0.083
USAcall Malaysia-mobile270 min$0.074212 min$0.094
USAcall Mexico170 min$0.118145 min$0.138
USAcall Mexico-mexico City400 min$0.050285 min$0.070
USAcall Mexico-mobile170 min$0.118145 min$0.138
USAcall Mongolia62 min$0.32258 min$0.345
USAcall Montserrat47 min$0.42545 min$0.444
USAcall Myanmar Burma32 min$0.62531 min$0.645
USAcall Nepal35 min$0.57133 min$0.606
USAcall Nepal-katmandu35 min$0.57133 min$0.606
USAcall Netherlands650 min$0.031393 min$0.051
USAcall Netherlands-mobile40 min$0.50038 min$0.526
USAcall Panama80 min$0.25074 min$0.270
USAcall Panama-mobile45 min$0.44443 min$0.465
USAcall Philippines72 min$0.27867 min$0.298
USAcall Philippines-manila72 min$0.27867 min$0.298
USAcall Philippines-mobile58 min$0.34554 min$0.370
USAcall Saudi Arabia57 min$0.35153 min$0.377
USAcall Saudi Arabia-mobile42 min$0.47640 min$0.500
USAcall Singapore750 min$0.027428 min$0.047
USAcall Singapore-mobile750 min$0.027428 min$0.047
USAcall Spain550 min$0.036354 min$0.056
USAcall Spain-mobile52 min$0.38449 min$0.408
USAcall Sri Lanka56 min$0.35753 min$0.377
USAcall Sri Lanka-mobile56 min$0.35753 min$0.377
USAcall St. Kitts-nevis49 min$0.40847 min$0.425
USAcall St. Lucia50 min$0.40048 min$0.416
USAcall St. Vincent-grenadines51 min$0.39249 min$0.408
USAcall Sweden500 min$0.040333 min$0.060
USAcall Sweden-mobile60 min$0.33356 min$0.357
USAcall Switzerland420 min$0.048295 min$0.068
USAcall Switzerland-mobile40 min$0.50038 min$0.526
USAcall Taiwan550 min$0.036354 min$0.056
USAcall Taiwan-mobile130 min$0.154115 min$0.174
USAcall Taiwan-taipei550 min$0.036354 min$0.056
USAcall Thailand110 min$0.18299 min$0.202
USAcall Thailand-bangkok242 min$0.083194 min$0.103
USAcall Thailand-mobile110 min$0.18299 min$0.202
USAcall Trinidad-tobago98 min$0.20489 min$0.225
USAcall Trinidad-tobago-mobile98 min$0.20489 min$0.225
USAcall Turks-caicos61 min$0.32857 min$0.351
USAcall UK (area code 1,2 only)570 min$0.035363 min$0.055
USAcall Uk-mobile78 min$0.25672 min$0.278
USAcall USA650 min$0.031393 min$0.051
USAcall USA-Alaska140 min$0.143122 min$0.164
USAcall USA-Guam140 min$0.143122 min$0.164
USAcall USA-Hawaii200 min$0.100166 min$0.120
USAcall USA-Puerto Rico170 min$0.118145 min$0.138
USAcall USA-Saipan110 min$0.18299 min$0.202
USAcall USA-Virgin Island214 min$0.093176 min$0.114
USAcall Vietnam33 min$0.60631 min$0.645
USAcall Vietnam-mobile33 min$0.60631 min$0.645

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