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IDT Super Quick Pinless Phone Card

-Rechargeble minutes
-Piless dial Super Quick
-Completely Clean Minutes
-Best Rate for India
Phone Card Details
Call To Local Access Toll Free
Ireland 360min  5.6¢  360min  5.6¢
Denmark 344min  5.8¢  344min  5.8¢
Argentina 460min  4.3¢  460min  4.3¢
China 449min  4.5¢  449min  4.5¢
Dominica 104min  19.2¢  104min  19.2¢
1 card
2 cards
3 cards
4 cards
5 cards

This Card Can Be Called From the Following Countries

* Call From USA *
Access NumbersToll Free Number
1-800-315-1330 (English)
1-800-274-5740 (Spanish)
Local Access Number
Local Access Number Order By State

Local Access Number Order By Area Code

About the Phone Card
Maintainence Fee:No 
Connection Fee:No 
Rounding:1 minute 
Payphone Charge:$0.90 
Expiration Date:365 days after the first usage 
Dialing InstructionSETUP FOR USE

1. Dial 1-800-315-1330 toll free access number and enter your PIN #. Press *2 to recharge/increase minutes by enter a new PIN#
Press *4 to enter the list of Super Quick function.
Press *5 to assign the number you are calling from to the pin #. (up to 5 telephone numbers, such as home, cellur phone, office number without USA country code 1, for example, 626-123-45678, rather than 1-626-123-45678)
Press *7 to check if you entered your PIN number correctly.
Press *9 to disable the no-PIN dialing feature.

2.To increase, refill or recharge your balance, purchase a new Super Quick card and enter its PIN. It will automatically be assigned to the phone nember you've set up.

Customer ServiceGuaranteed 100% satisfaction customer service
General NoticeInternational calls to mobile numbers may be charged a higher rate, unless it is otherwise indicated. All rates and fees are subject to change without notice. This card CAN be used in Hawaii, Alaska but an extra 15¢ per minute charge will apply when calling from outside of the contiguous 48 states.
Special NoticeThis phone card's service is provided by IDT. For any connection, quality or minutes problem, please call IDT Customer Service number: 1-800-320-5364 first. If you cannot get a satisfied solution from IDT then please contact eCallChina.

Phone Card Rate Table

Call FromCall ToLocal Number MinutesLocal Number Rate (per minute)Toll Free MinutesToll Free Rate (per minute)
USAcall Afghanistan60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Albania140 min$0.143140 min$0.143
USAcall Albania-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Albania-Tirana140 min$0.143140 min$0.143
USAcall Algeria133 min$0.150133 min$0.150
USAcall Algeria-Mobile133 min$0.150133 min$0.150
USAcall American Samoa200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall Andorra227 min$0.088227 min$0.088
USAcall Angola80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Angola-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Anguilla100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Antigua100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Argentina460 min$0.043460 min$0.043
USAcall Argentina-Buenos Aires621 min$0.032621 min$0.032
USAcall Argentina-Cordoba460 min$0.043460 min$0.043
USAcall Argentina-Mar Del Plata460 min$0.043460 min$0.043
USAcall Argentina-Mendoza460 min$0.043460 min$0.043
USAcall Argentina-Mobile68 min$0.29468 min$0.294
USAcall Argentina-Rosario460 min$0.043460 min$0.043
USAcall Armenia285 min$0.070285 min$0.070
USAcall Armenia-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Armenia-Yerevan285 min$0.070285 min$0.070
USAcall Aruba95 min$0.21195 min$0.211
USAcall Australia360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Australia-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Austria344 min$0.058344 min$0.058
USAcall Austria-Mobile70 min$0.28670 min$0.286
USAcall Azerbaijan108 min$0.185108 min$0.185
USAcall Bahamas256 min$0.078256 min$0.078
USAcall Bahrain92 min$0.21792 min$0.217
USAcall Bangladesh148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Bangladesh-Chittagong232 min$0.086232 min$0.086
USAcall Bangladesh-Dhaka312 min$0.064312 min$0.064
USAcall Bangladesh-Mobile148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Bangladesh-Syhlet148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Barbados104 min$0.192104 min$0.192
USAcall Barbados-Mobile104 min$0.192104 min$0.192
USAcall Belarus66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Belarus-Mobile66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Belgium344 min$0.058344 min$0.058
USAcall Belgium-Mobile64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall Belize88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall Belize-Mobile72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Benin140 min$0.143140 min$0.143
USAcall Bermuda200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall Bhutan66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Bolivia160 min$0.125160 min$0.125
USAcall Bolivia-Cochabamba232 min$0.086232 min$0.086
USAcall Bolivia-La Paz232 min$0.086232 min$0.086
USAcall Bolivia-Mobile120 min$0.167120 min$0.167
USAcall Bolivia-Santa Cruz232 min$0.086232 min$0.086
USAcall Bosnia and Herzegovina93 min$0.21593 min$0.215
USAcall Bosnia and Herzegovina-Mobile66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Botswana120 min$0.167120 min$0.167
USAcall Botswana-Mobile120 min$0.167120 min$0.167
USAcall Brazil360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Brazil-Belo Horizonte480 min$0.042480 min$0.042
USAcall Brazil-Cellular-Debit105 min$0.190105 min$0.190
USAcall Brazil-Governado Valeres360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Brazil-Rio de Janeiro600 min$0.033600 min$0.033
USAcall Brazil-Sao Paulo600 min$0.033600 min$0.033
USAcall British Virgin Islands128 min$0.156128 min$0.156
USAcall Brunei222 min$0.090222 min$0.090
USAcall Bulgaria253 min$0.079253 min$0.079
USAcall Bulgaria-Mobile60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Bulgaria-Sofia333 min$0.060333 min$0.060
USAcall Burkina Faso112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Burundi181 min$0.110181 min$0.110
USAcall Cambodia88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall Cambodia-Mobile72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Cameroon80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Cameroon-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Canada400 min$0.050400 min$0.050
USAcall Cape Verde Islands80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Cayman Islands133 min$0.150133 min$0.150
USAcall Central African Republic133 min$0.150133 min$0.150
USAcall Chad66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Chile460 min$0.043460 min$0.043
USAcall Chile-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall China449 min$0.045449 min$0.045
USAcall China-Mobile449 min$0.045449 min$0.045
USAcall Colombia212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Armenia212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Barranquilla316 min$0.063316 min$0.063
USAcall Colombia-Bogota316 min$0.063316 min$0.063
USAcall Colombia-Bucaramanga212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Buenaventura212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Buga212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Cali316 min$0.063316 min$0.063
USAcall Colombia-Cartago212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Cartegna212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Manizales212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Medellin292 min$0.068292 min$0.068
USAcall Colombia-Mobile168 min$0.119168 min$0.119
USAcall Colombia-Palmira212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Pereira212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Colombia-Tulua212 min$0.094212 min$0.094
USAcall Comoros50 min$0.40050 min$0.400
USAcall Congo133 min$0.150133 min$0.150
USAcall Costa Rica200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall Costa Rica-Mobile180 min$0.111180 min$0.111
USAcall Croatia232 min$0.086232 min$0.086
USAcall Croatia-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Cuba14 min$1.42914 min$1.429
USAcall Cyprus240 min$0.083240 min$0.083
USAcall Cyprus-Mobile181 min$0.110181 min$0.110
USAcall Czech Republic449 min$0.045449 min$0.045
USAcall Czech Republic-Mobile72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Dem Rep Congo (Zaire)50 min$0.40050 min$0.400
USAcall Denmark344 min$0.058344 min$0.058
USAcall Denmark-Mobile70 min$0.28670 min$0.286
USAcall Djibouti50 min$0.40050 min$0.400
USAcall Dominica104 min$0.192104 min$0.192
USAcall Dominican Republic224 min$0.089224 min$0.089
USAcall Dominican Republic-Mobile108 min$0.185108 min$0.185
USAcall Ecuador124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Ecuador-Cuenca124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Ecuador-Guayaquil124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Ecuador-Mobile124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Ecuador-Mobile-Otecel61 min$0.32861 min$0.328
USAcall Ecuador-Mobile-Porta61 min$0.32861 min$0.328
USAcall Ecuador-Portoviejo124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Ecuador-Quito100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Egypt88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall Egypt-Mobile124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall El Salvador180 min$0.111180 min$0.111
USAcall El Salvador-Mobile136 min$0.147136 min$0.147
USAcall Equatorial Guinea57 min$0.35157 min$0.351
USAcall Eritrea50 min$0.40050 min$0.400
USAcall Estonia320 min$0.063320 min$0.063
USAcall Estonia-Mobile112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Ethiopia48 min$0.41748 min$0.417
USAcall Ethiopia-Addis Ababa48 min$0.41748 min$0.417
USAcall Ethiopia-Mobile48 min$0.41748 min$0.417
USAcall Fiji Islands60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Finland344 min$0.058344 min$0.058
USAcall Finland-Mobile88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall France360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall France-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall French Antilles200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall French Guiana142 min$0.141142 min$0.141
USAcall French Guiana-Mobile142 min$0.141142 min$0.141
USAcall French Polynesia66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Gabon Republic108 min$0.185108 min$0.185
USAcall Gambia83 min$0.24183 min$0.241
USAcall Gambia-Cellular83 min$0.24183 min$0.241
USAcall Georgia181 min$0.110181 min$0.110
USAcall Georgia Audiotext181 min$0.110181 min$0.110
USAcall Georgia-Mobile90 min$0.22290 min$0.222
USAcall Georgia-Tsiblis181 min$0.110181 min$0.110
USAcall Germany360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Germany-Mobile60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Ghana200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall Ghana-Accra248 min$0.081248 min$0.081
USAcall Ghana-Kumasi200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall Ghana-Mobile120 min$0.167120 min$0.167
USAcall Ghana-Tema200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall Greece360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Greece-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Grenada100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Grenada-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Guadeloupe66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Guam421 min$0.048421 min$0.048
USAcall Guatemala148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Guatemala-Guatemala City148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Guatemala-Guatemala City-Mobile148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Guatemala-Mobile112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Guinea112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Guinea-Bissau20 min$1.00020 min$1.000
USAcall Guyana64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall Haiti76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Haiti-Mobile62 min$0.32362 min$0.323
USAcall Haiti-Port-au-Prince76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Honduras50 min$0.40050 min$0.400
USAcall Honduras-Mobile50 min$0.40050 min$0.400
USAcall Hong Kong377 min$0.053377 min$0.053
USAcall Hungary377 min$0.053377 min$0.053
USAcall Hungary-Budapest377 min$0.053377 min$0.053
USAcall Hungary-Mobile64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall Iceland148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Iceland-Mobile148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall India96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Ahmadabad96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Andhra Pradesh96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Bangalore96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Bombay96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Calcutta96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Gujarat96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Hyderabad96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Madras96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Mobile96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-New Delhi96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall India-Punjab96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall Indonesia192 min$0.104192 min$0.104
USAcall Indonesia-Jakarta328 min$0.061328 min$0.061
USAcall Indonesia-Mobile112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Indonesia-Surabaya192 min$0.104192 min$0.104
USAcall Iran136 min$0.147136 min$0.147
USAcall Iran-Mobile100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Iran-Tehran136 min$0.147136 min$0.147
USAcall Iraq88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall Ireland360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Ireland-Mobile66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Israel425 min$0.047425 min$0.047
USAcall Israel-Mobile144 min$0.139144 min$0.139
USAcall Israeli Territories307 min$0.065307 min$0.065
USAcall Israeli Territories-Mobile144 min$0.139144 min$0.139
USAcall Italy360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Italy-Mobile57 min$0.35157 min$0.351
USAcall Italy-Rome (Vatican City)360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Ivory Coast100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Ivory Coast-Abidjan100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Ivory Coast-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Jamaica222 min$0.090222 min$0.090
USAcall Jamaica-Mobile68 min$0.29468 min$0.294
USAcall Japan332 min$0.060332 min$0.060
USAcall Japan-Mobile85 min$0.23585 min$0.235
USAcall Jordan88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall Jordan-Mobile88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall Kazakhstan112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Kenya84 min$0.23884 min$0.238
USAcall Kenya-Mobile54 min$0.37054 min$0.370
USAcall Kenya-Nairobi84 min$0.23884 min$0.238
USAcall Kiribati24 min$0.83324 min$0.833
USAcall Kuwait128 min$0.156128 min$0.156
USAcall Kuwait-Mobile128 min$0.156128 min$0.156
USAcall Kyrgyzstan128 min$0.156128 min$0.156
USAcall Laos180 min$0.111180 min$0.111
USAcall Latvia132 min$0.152132 min$0.152
USAcall Latvia-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Lebanon112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Lebanon-Mobile64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall Lesotho120 min$0.167120 min$0.167
USAcall Liberia76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Libya112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Lithuania180 min$0.111180 min$0.111
USAcall Lithuania-Mobile72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Luxembourg333 min$0.060333 min$0.060
USAcall Luxembourg-Mobile66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Macao210 min$0.095210 min$0.095
USAcall Macedonia80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Macedonia-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Madagascar80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Malawi260 min$0.077260 min$0.077
USAcall Malaysia400 min$0.050400 min$0.050
USAcall Malaysia-Mobile256 min$0.078256 min$0.078
USAcall Maldives57 min$0.35157 min$0.351
USAcall Mali100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Mali-Bamaku125 min$0.160125 min$0.160
USAcall Mali-Cellular64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall Malta112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Marshall Islands33 min$0.60633 min$0.606
USAcall Mauritania60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Mauritius120 min$0.167120 min$0.167
USAcall Mexico172 min$0.116172 min$0.116
USAcall Mexico Major Cities352 min$0.057352 min$0.057
USAcall Mexico-Guadalajara400 min$0.050400 min$0.050
USAcall Mexico-Mexico City400 min$0.050400 min$0.050
USAcall Mexico-Monterrey400 min$0.050400 min$0.050
USAcall Mexico-Puebla377 min$0.053377 min$0.053
USAcall Micronesia57 min$0.35157 min$0.351
USAcall Moldova112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Moldova-Mobile112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Monaco333 min$0.060333 min$0.060
USAcall Monaco-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Monaco-Mobile-Kosovo333 min$0.060333 min$0.060
USAcall Mongolia332 min$0.060332 min$0.060
USAcall Montserrat80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Morocco68 min$0.29468 min$0.294
USAcall Morocco-Meknes68 min$0.29468 min$0.294
USAcall Morocco-Mobile56 min$0.35756 min$0.357
USAcall Morocco-Rabat68 min$0.29468 min$0.294
USAcall Mozambique112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Myanmar (Burma)41 min$0.48841 min$0.488
USAcall Namibia112 min$0.179112 min$0.179
USAcall Nepal56 min$0.35756 min$0.357
USAcall Nepal-Kathmandu100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Netherlands360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Netherlands Antilles108 min$0.185108 min$0.185
USAcall Netherlands Antilles-St. Martin360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Netherlands-Mobile56 min$0.35756 min$0.357
USAcall New Zealand333 min$0.060333 min$0.060
USAcall New Zealand-Mobile71 min$0.28271 min$0.282
USAcall Nicaragua84 min$0.23884 min$0.238
USAcall Nicaragua-Mobile55 min$0.36455 min$0.364
USAcall Niger116 min$0.172116 min$0.172
USAcall Nigeria176 min$0.114176 min$0.114
USAcall Nigeria-Lagos288 min$0.069288 min$0.069
USAcall Nigeria-Mobile88 min$0.22788 min$0.227
USAcall No. Mariana Islands421 min$0.048421 min$0.048
USAcall North Korea24 min$0.83324 min$0.833
USAcall Norway344 min$0.058344 min$0.058
USAcall Norway-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Oman92 min$0.21792 min$0.217
USAcall Pakistan80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Pakistan-Islamabad80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Pakistan-Karachi80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Pakistan-Mobile70 min$0.28670 min$0.286
USAcall Panama220 min$0.091220 min$0.091
USAcall Panama-Mobile108 min$0.185108 min$0.185
USAcall Panama-Panama City368 min$0.054368 min$0.054
USAcall Paraguay124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Paraguay-Asuncion156 min$0.128156 min$0.128
USAcall Paraguay-Mobile96 min$0.20896 min$0.208
USAcall Peru288 min$0.069288 min$0.069
USAcall Peru-Lima454 min$0.044454 min$0.044
USAcall Peru-Lima-Mobile56 min$0.35756 min$0.357
USAcall Peru-Mobile60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Philippines84 min$0.23884 min$0.238
USAcall Philippines-Manila84 min$0.23884 min$0.238
USAcall Philippines-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Poland440 min$0.045440 min$0.045
USAcall Poland-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Portugal388 min$0.052388 min$0.052
USAcall Portugal-Mobile66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Puerto Rico421 min$0.048421 min$0.048
USAcall Qatar57 min$0.35157 min$0.351
USAcall Reunion Island100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Romania124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Romania-Bucharest124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Romania-Mobile60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Russia240 min$0.083240 min$0.083
USAcall Russia-Moscow400 min$0.050400 min$0.050
USAcall Russia-St. Petersburg240 min$0.083240 min$0.083
USAcall Rwanda120 min$0.167120 min$0.167
USAcall Saudi Arabia104 min$0.192104 min$0.192
USAcall Saudi Arabia-Dhahran104 min$0.192104 min$0.192
USAcall Saudi Arabia-Jeddah312 min$0.064312 min$0.064
USAcall Saudi Arabia-Mobile64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall Saudi Arabia-Riyadh228 min$0.088228 min$0.088
USAcall Senegal100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Senegal-Dakar100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Senegal-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Serbia-Montenegro122 min$0.164122 min$0.164
USAcall Serbia-Yugoslavia164 min$0.122164 min$0.122
USAcall Serbia-Yugoslavia-Mobile52 min$0.38552 min$0.385
USAcall Seychelles Islands57 min$0.35157 min$0.351
USAcall Sierra Leone66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Singapore360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Slovakia188 min$0.106188 min$0.106
USAcall Slovakia-Mobile70 min$0.28670 min$0.286
USAcall Slovenia240 min$0.083240 min$0.083
USAcall Slovenia-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Somalia33 min$0.60633 min$0.606
USAcall South Africa208 min$0.096208 min$0.096
USAcall South Africa-Mobile76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall South Korea380 min$0.053380 min$0.053
USAcall South Korea-Mobile220 min$0.091220 min$0.091
USAcall Spain360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Spain-Mobile60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Sri Lanka104 min$0.192104 min$0.192
USAcall Sri Lanka-Mobile100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall St. Kitts100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall St. Lucia100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall St. Lucia-Mobile71 min$0.28271 min$0.282
USAcall St. Vincent100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall St. Vincent-Mobile71 min$0.28271 min$0.282
USAcall Sudan85 min$0.23585 min$0.235
USAcall Suriname66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Swaziland137 min$0.146137 min$0.146
USAcall Sweden357 min$0.056357 min$0.056
USAcall Sweden-Mobile72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Switzerland333 min$0.060333 min$0.060
USAcall Switzerland-Mobile60 min$0.33360 min$0.333
USAcall Syria48 min$0.41748 min$0.417
USAcall Taiwan380 min$0.053380 min$0.053
USAcall Taiwan-Mobile140 min$0.143140 min$0.143
USAcall Tajikistan100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Tanzania66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Thailand248 min$0.081248 min$0.081
USAcall Thailand-Bangkok344 min$0.058344 min$0.058
USAcall Togo104 min$0.192104 min$0.192
USAcall Togo-Cellular76 min$0.26376 min$0.263
USAcall Tonga Islands23 min$0.87023 min$0.870
USAcall Trinidad144 min$0.139144 min$0.139
USAcall Tunisia66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Tunisia-Mobile66 min$0.30366 min$0.303
USAcall Turkey136 min$0.147136 min$0.147
USAcall Turkey-Ankara136 min$0.147136 min$0.147
USAcall Turkey-Istanbul200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall Turkey-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Turkmenistan100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Turks - Caicos Islands100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Uganda148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Uganda-Mobile124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Ukraine148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Ukraine-Kiev148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Ukraine-Lviv148 min$0.135148 min$0.135
USAcall Ukraine-Mobile100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall United Arab Emirates64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall United Arab Emirates-Mobile64 min$0.31364 min$0.313
USAcall United Kingdom400 min$0.050400 min$0.050
USAcall United Kingdom-Mobile84 min$0.23884 min$0.238
USAcall Uruguay168 min$0.119168 min$0.119
USAcall Uruguay-Mobile80 min$0.25080 min$0.250
USAcall Uruguay-Montevideo200 min$0.100200 min$0.100
USAcall US Virgin Islands421 min$0.048421 min$0.048
USAcall USA421 min$0.048421 min$0.048
USAcall Uzbekistan152 min$0.132152 min$0.132
USAcall Venezuela360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Venezuela-Caracas460 min$0.043460 min$0.043
USAcall Venezuela-Caracas Audiotext360 min$0.056360 min$0.056
USAcall Venezuela-Mobile100 min$0.200100 min$0.200
USAcall Vietnam72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Vietnam-Hanoi72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Vietnam-Mobile72 min$0.27872 min$0.278
USAcall Western Samoa40 min$0.50040 min$0.500
USAcall Yemen92 min$0.21792 min$0.217
USAcall Zambia208 min$0.096208 min$0.096
USAcall Zambia-Cellular124 min$0.161124 min$0.161
USAcall Zimbabwe172 min$0.116172 min$0.116
USAcall Zimbabwe-Mobile128 min$0.156128 min$0.156

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